Brand Spotlight: NOTO Botanics

Brand Spotlight: NOTO Botanics

Inclusivity isn't a trend at CVTD's how we do business. Everyday.  The mission behind CVTD Beauty is to make the clean beauty space more inclusive.  Non-toxic makeup and skincare should be available to people of all skin tones, and that's what's behind what we do at CVTD Beauty.

However, with the widespread resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement due to recent police murders of Black people in the U.S., we felt compelled to re-examine the brands we stock.  Clean ingredients were always a requirement (check out this post to see the list of ingredients that are prohibited from the products we carry). Now, however, we wanted to make sure that our brands were actively focused on anti-racism and inclusivity, within their companies and their communities.

We were happy to see that one of our most popular brands, NOTO botanics, has been doing the right thing.

NOTO Botanics products are *amazing* and the brand's ethos is just as beautiful. More importantly, the brand has a history of advocating for sexual orientation, gender (identity) and racial equality and has consistently featured and supported BIPOC and LGBTQ individuals on its platforms.⁠⠀

In the days following widespread protests in support of Black Lives Matter, NOTO donated to the George Floyd Fund, Reclaim the Block and the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

We're proud to stock NOTO botanics, and hope this information highlights the standards we have for the brands we carry at CVTD Beauty.


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