What is Indie Beauty?

What is Indie Beauty?

Indie beauty is everything you love about beauty that you’re missing from the department stores and huge beauty retailers.  It’s unique formulas and innovative products. Indie beauty is brands founded by amazing entrepreneurs who are passionate about their brands and their customers.

Here at CVTD Beauty, we’re all about indie beauty. We love discovering amazing brands and bringing you the very best, most innovative products on the market.  We especially love showcasing brands that are good for you and the planet.

One of our amazing beauty brands - Pinch of Colour - is founded by an inspiring woman who’s on a mission to make clean water available to everyone. She knows how precious water is, so all of Pinch of Colour’s products are actually waterless (pretty cool, huh?).

We’re also proud to carry Noyah Cosmetics. Noyah is all about clean beauty.  They’ve replaced many of the standard plastic components with renewable bamboo instead. It's more than beautiful packaging, it's a step towards reducing waste.

Noyah cosmetics

Watch this space as we continue to bring you the most coveted in indie beauty.

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